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Attorney Herb Ryder

Herbert K. Ryder

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Attorney Herbert K. Ryder started his law practice so he could work with his clients on his own terms — not under the constraints of a large, corporate firm. Running his practice his way allows Herbert to provide personalized legal service to his clients, guiding them throughout the entire legal process step by step. Herbert's clients in Somerville, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas have confidence that they are receiving all of the knowledge and skills he has accumulated during the course of his 15-plus years practicing bankruptcy, foreclosure, and real estate law. Herbert has represented debtors and creditors alike and has served the needs of individual clients, small businesses, and various Fortune 500 companies throughout the area — and he is ready to help you too.


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Having an attorney who can educate you and guide you through the details of your situation can be a valuable asset throughout the handling of your case.

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With a background providing assistance for both large and small companies, Herbert has a broad base of legal knowledge to bring to your financial situation.

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An attorney being available to explain your options, hear your concerns, and answer your questions along the way will give you the peace of mind you're looking for.


Serious Financial Problems Require Serious Solutions

Financial problems can bring your life or your business to a screeching halt. Don't allow the stress of your current situation to hold your life hostage and place your long-term future in jeopardy. When you find yourself or your company in a serious financial hole, you can work with an experienced attorney to put together a plan of action to get things back on the right track. For individuals and businesses in the Somerville, New Jersey area, help is just a phone call away.

For over 15 years, attorney Herbert K. Ryder has been providing clients with sound legal services and advice to help them work their way out of difficult financial circumstances toward more solid economic footing. Bankruptcy may be an available option, and Herbert can help explain the different types of bankruptcy so you can decide which is best for you or your business. Herbert has experience helping clients with Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 forms of bankruptcy.

For clients who are facing the possibility of losing their homes due to foreclosure, the Law Offices of Herbert K. Ryder has a full understanding of not only the foreclosure process but also mediation and other alternatives. Herbert's goal is to help you pursue a more favorable solution to your issue, preserve your ownership, and secure your future in your home.

In addition to bankruptcy and foreclosure cases, Herbert K. Ryder also provides legal services in real estate law. From leasing agreements and rental contracts to other real estate disputes, Herbert can help you make informed decisions regarding your real estate deals and property investments. If you are in Somerville, New Jersey, or the surrounding area, and are in need of legal representation in cases involving bankruptcy, foreclosure, or real estate law, contact the Law Offices of Herbert K. Ryder LLC today to schedule a free consultation.